Legal services

Trade law

Complete services to domestic and foreign companies in the area of trade law, mainly:

Corporation law

  • Establishment of corporations – a complex service
  • Joint ventures
  • Representation in the proceedings concerning the Trade Register
  • Transfers of trade shares
  • Increase and decrease of basic capital

Law of obligations

  • Collection of receivables and other claims (securing, execution)
  • Preparation of business contracts
  • Representation at courts of all instances

Labour law

Complete services for employers and employees, e. g.:

Labour relations

  • Preparation of employment agreements, agreements on work to be executed outside labour relations
  • Consulting in case of labour relation end
  • Preparation of a dismissal notice, immediate cancellation of a labour relation
  • Preparation of working orders and internal regulations of the employer

Labour disputes

  • Representation at courts in labour law cases
  • Claims due to an invalid termination of a labour relation

Civil law

Complete services in the area of civil law relations, mainly:

Real estates

  • Conveyance of real estate – Contracts of sale, deeds of gift
  • Rent of houses, land, flats or business premises - preparation of contracts, consulting
  • Rights of using, rights of lien
  • Petitions for incorporation or changes of real estate property or other legal rights in a Land register (the Real Estate Cadastre)

Law of succession

  • Testaments, hereditary succession
  • Disinheritance

Administrative law

  • Arrangement of long-term residence permits for foreigners in the Czech Republic (EU citizens and citizens of countries outside the EU)
  • Visas, work permits
  • Arrangement of matters at trade licensing offices, land register offices and other administrative offices

Special legal services

Receivables administration

Complex services at administration of the client's receivables with the aim to achieve in-time and proper payment of receivables, incl. immediate suggestion of the fastest and most efficient way of receivables collection in case of payment delays:

  • Suggestion and arrangement of proper securing of receivables
  • Supervision of receivables maturity and collection demands in case of overdue receivables
  • Proposal of the financially most advantageous and efficient way of receivables collection
  • Judicial receivables collection
  • Execution on the debtor's property (judicial execution and execution through an executor)
  • Submitting of receivables in bankruptcy procedures
  • Continuous information for the client on the situation concerning receivables to be collected (tabular report)

Legal audit

Complex legal check of agreements and/or other documents of the company mainly with respect to their compliance with the valid legal regulations, mainly:

  • Complex assessment of legal affairs of the company
  • Assessment of contracts
  • Warning in case of legal defects and risks of the assessed documents
  • Legal evaluation of all internal regulations of the company
  • Complex assessment of labour law relations
  • Proposal of corrections and execution of relevant legal steps

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